"I had Amy as my doula for the birth of our first child and I’m so incredibly glad I did. She was there to help me and support me through my labor and delivering our daughter into this world. I loved how calm she was throughout the whole thing. She helped me with my breathing when I would start to lose focus during my contractions in a very relaxing way. She not only supported me, but my husband as well. One of his biggest requests was to be included in the birth and to help in anyway he could, and Amy helped make that happen. I had an all natural delivery and one of the things that got me through my contractions was the double hip squeeze. I wasn’t able to get through a contraction without it and having to do that for every single one can be extremely exhausting for the person doing it. Amy was able to orchestrate it in a way that made sure neither one of them got too exhausted and I was still well taken care of during those intense contractions. She made sure our experience was exactly what we wanted. Amy also worked very well with my midwife and the nurses taking care of us. I would recommend her in a heartbeat". -Krista Ormsbee


"Amy has the magic touch🙌🏼 Her calm, sure presence gave me the confidence I needed to get through labor and delivery. If you’re looking for a doula - I highly recommend her!! When labor started, she came as soon as I needed her and brought a bag full of tricks😊 from battery operated candles to an essential oil diffuser, she brought out one tool after another to aid in the laboring process (even a band new chapstick for me after labor and delivery). I felt confident that Amy knew her stuff as she navigated me through different positioning and techniques to ease the process and pain of labor. She was with me the whole time, even the car ride to the hospital. She coached my husband on how to do hip compressions and provided ways for him to be an active support along side me. I couldn’t have done natural delivery without Amy!" -Serena McCormick